One Trippy Video

Before going further, if any kids visit this post, please go back now, because the video below contains nudity and WILL most likely scar you. Parents, if I may take a page outta my Hentai site days and say that if you wanna protect your kids from porn, install NetNanny! Now that that is out, on with the point. πŸ™‚

You know, since watching the music video POMPOMPOM by the artist who’s name escapes me atm, it has taken time for my mind to recover from being brain fucked. Not saying I don’t enjoy trippy Japanese music videos, I SO do, it just blows da mind how weird some can be! That said, Adrian, my adopted brother from another mother, thank you for showing, “ME ME ME” to me! I will not say more, just be ready for weird! πŸ™‚


A Topic On My Mind….

For days something has been eating at me and at first, I wasn’t gonna post it because the old me, (the mean, moody) Shadowlight’s trying to stay buried! With that said, I post this just to point out how much of the Playstation Network is made up of insensitive morons, and hey, since a player posted that thread to,these videos I’m about to embed I hope will serve as examples of how a few gamers play and try to hard.


Before I go on, let me say that there are many gamers on PSN that I’ve played with and are friends with, a few read this blog, MiLo, Rave, aToMiSk, Kat and Symph to name a few & I hope they understand why I rarely game on the PS3 anymore. The other day, I went into a old friend’s lobby on SC5 to see if he and I could have a few friendly rounds, bit I’ll explain what he did as I post the videos.


Above, I’ve been trying to get better at the Natsu style, (ninja style) so my creation Haruna Maki was picked to face his creation. I have no idea why, but my Try hard flag flew because to me, he seemed to be mashing a bit, what do you think?


Second match, my Goth Kitty faced him, and he was still trying to hard, but there’s a kicker. After I won, (no idea how I pulled that off.) my intent was to pass my turn, but he kicked me from the lobby! Wtf? I’m not the best player, I’ll admit that, but to remove me for fighting fair? Guess it shows the idiot in him, no? Even told him who I was and that he was on my old list. but he’s off my Christmas list this year. lol

A Short Video Of….

pede 2016



As of late, (two weeks) I’ve been trying hard to get use to my phone. And while the touchscreen scares me due to accidentally doing crap when I go to add contacts, I’m getting a bit better, (more on that another time). Though it took awhile to get my nephew to help, below is a video of Project Venom Ruling the yard!!!





Yes, that is me, shadowlight himself at da wheel, err stick! Tell ya, with the speed it has now, IF I look away for a second, the truck will crash into stuff, Sorry for the quality, don’t think he adjusted the settings.

Soon To Be In My R/C Collection

Last Friday, though a part didn’t want to, I put my old Tamiya TL 01 street racer up for sale at the hobby shop. Oh the memories of that car are fresh, even today. Shoot, when it was first bought in 2000-01, it was weak, but had spirit, and when I had the shop slap my old Traxxas Slash esc and motor in the car last year, the car was like a bullet! πŸ™‚


Well, when the car was put up for sale, I went ahead and put a E MAXX on layaway, (pics of the truck type below). True, some in my family might cough up a hair ball and say I have more pressing stuff I need, but meh, it IS my money & I get what I need done so yeah.


Emaxx 1


Here it is, the E Maxx! I should have fun with this thing! It’s all wheel drive so going places, like mud, snow shouldn’t be a problem, not that I drive my R/Cs in Winter anyway!


Emaxx 2




pede 2016

(Project Venom)


You maybe asking what will I do with my Stampede? I’m keeping it, ain’t no way I’m selling it, because it IS a SWEET R/C! It’ll still be driven and jumped, like a BOSS! Live the Stampede if it were a son, which, to me, it is my kid! πŸ™‚

Meet An Old Character Of Mine!

Though she was a character I had in my creation stable for a long time, the thought of putting her into a story never never really hit me. Not to say thoughts wouldn’t have come, I’m sure they would have, but at the time, I just didn’t want her in one, until now! πŸ™‚




Meet Destiny, ruler of one of the eight tree kingdoms & a good fighter with a quarter staff. I could go into the plot, but nah, I’ll only say it will have a bit of anime convention references in it.

Redone Character & Plans For Her

There are a few posts I want to write today before buckling down into “Writing Mode”. Though when the character below was created, (thank you age lol), I have been told Sakura looks like Aki Yoshira, which yes, they both have glasses and Sakura “HAD” blue hair, but the two are two different characters. I’m ranting, sorry.



The other day, I decided to hop on the game I hate to play, but love to use to create characters from my writings. While on, Sakura gotta hair color change, (see below).


Sakura_(Pink Hair)


Though the blue hair looked alright on her, this “anime” pink color looks better, now that I’ve used her in offline game modes. But, there might be some moron that will come tell me she resembles an anime girl too much, to that I say, “oh well!” πŸ™‚ I’d like your thoughts, does she look cuter with pink hair?


Now my plans for her. I’ve told my adopted brother that I want to do a new story with my cat girl ninja, Deadra (below), but have itΒ  be less of a love story. There is a plot running in me head, just wanna “dry run” it first before naming it. Last night, the idea came to me, having me think about putting Sakura in it too could be fun.


Deadra 1

Good News And Bad News


(Old picture. I turned her hair anime pink)


As some who read the post about me leaving adultfanfiction as an author due to their stupid disclaimer guidelines know that I’ve been thinking if where to put my erotic works and post my own disclaimer. Well, there is good and bad news in that department! There’s a blog on google that was soppose to be this blog’s sister, but me being lazy, I gave that up after a post.


Deadra 1


Well, after reading a bit of Google’s tos agreement, it might be possible to put my hentai works there, but the blog will be age protected, so no kids will be able to get to it (I hope). As yet, not sure if it’ll be possible for people, other than in my circle to get access, but I’ll check. For now, I’m just happy that I may have a space to post a few of my stories. Will keep you updated! πŸ™‚