An Anime Summer Tradition



For those who weren’t following this blog a year ago, there’s a tradition I began a year ago about this time, (give or take). The tradition goes like this. I take an anime series that I have off the shelf and watch it for that week, enjoying every bit of the series. This year, I revisited a series I picked up a year ago, Martian Successor Nadesico, which is on my top ten to twenty list.


The anime is an action, comedy, sci fi based series with a lot of mech battles thrown in with romance. It starts off with one of the main characters, Akito on Mars when the Jovian Lizards attack the colony and wipe it out. He survives, finding himself on Earth, but has no memory of how he got there. Following the attack, Nergal, a private company builds a massive spaceship named the Nadesico, manning it with Akito as a cook, (which he wants to stay a cook, but gets drafted as a pilot), after a screwball breaks their leg, pulling a stunt from anime he saw.


Character relationships and my take on them. In the show and throughout, you get to feel for the crew, and get to know how they play off each other. The banter between the characters is mostly funny, jokes and more reference to “Idiot” than I have fingers. That isn’t saying there aren’t serious moments too, there are. Mid series a character shows his true colors, and that sets off the end of the series.




The series spawned a movie, which came with the boxset I bought. The movie takes place a few years after the show, and though I understood it better this time, it is hard to explain, but I’ll recommend to watch it. Now, to the OVA disc, finished a few days ago. It contains the anime Gekiganger 3, seen in the show, along with a few extras I still need to view.


The anime style: When ADV Films had the rights, (late 90s-early 2000s), I bought the first few eps on VHS. For the time, the anime styling was well done, the robots are colorful etc. I really enjoy the series!


Would I Recommend M.S. Nadesico to people? The answer is yes! Though old, the anime is a classic any lover of anime needs to own.


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