No Longer A Member Of AFF

First off, for those who celebrate the 4th, I hope it was a good one! 🙂 I wrote in the book chapter Saturday night, but didn’t do anything Sun/Mon. was hot as shit and with my body temp being abnormal, you know I was baking. So without any bush beating, let me get to the topic of this post.


Aki Yoshira


Signed into my email to clear it out a bit, an email from Adultfanfiction caught my eye, so it was opened first. It was a warning, telling me the disclaimer for The Vampire & The Slayer did not fit their guidelines. They suggested wording to fill the holes in my “flawed” disclaimer, which I used. After fixing it, I emailed them to say I fixed it, you’ll never guess what the moderator told me.


He or she told me there was no evidence I modified the disclaimer, pasting the old one I had up. Could they not have seen the new one go up? Maybe, but I know the site moderator love to nitpick. Told them I’d fix it by redoing the whole bloody disclaimer how they want, but tonight, as I thought about it, I just deleted my profile and took my stories down, because who’s to say that if I reworded it the way they want, they won’t find fault in it again?


So for now, my erotic works don’t have a home. If you followers know of a site, give me a shout?


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