Anyone Else Think This Is Weirdly Stupid?

The anime nostalgia bug hit me big yesterday, pulling me to wanna buy an old series. Before going on and tell you the name of said anime, allow me to explain something. When the bug bites for old anime, I have a few sources to go to and get said series. What anime has me on the hunt this time? Robotech/Macross Plus! Yep, lately I’ve been on a classic binge and love it! 😛


A huge thank you goes to my adopted bro for hooking me up to a site that streams cartoons and anime AND has Robotech, but cue the stupid. Before knowing of Kiss Cartoons, I went on, searching through their dvd section and found something really stupid. They have every season of the series EXCEPT season 1, which according to them is out of print! WTF?? I know amazon might carry the dvds, but I’m tempted to email rightstuf and ask how they can carry other Robotech seasons, but yet, the first season’s out of print.


Anyone else find this odd?


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