Weekend Plans For This Blog

Asuka D'Cara


I think people can agree when I say when a holiday falls on a weekday, it screws my days up, sure did this week! šŸ™‚ Anyway, things have been working in my head to come up with something to put up here this weekend, & I think I knew what I wanted to do before writing this. Since most of you liked the last preview of the book chapter I put up, thought about posting the additional content.


Please keep in mind that while I do try to proof as I write, some errors may pop up & I apologize for that. That said, since you’re my followers, I’d like to include you on this writing trek. šŸ™‚ Also this weekend, a few gaming videos will be posted here for anyone to view. So yeah, please enjoy the reading or the videos, but above all, have a great weekend!


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