The Long Wait Is OVER!!!! :)

For those who have been waiting for this, let me say sorry it took until Mid Summer to get this done. Now that’s said, last year my 2WD Stampede was taken in for upgrades, & well, below are two videos of what he looks like now. 🙂 In the first video, I took the top off and show what was done. If ya can’t hear me talking due to my speech, please read the credits at the end of the first vid. 🙂


The second video below just shows the 1920-50s body I had the hobby shop paint and the clip holders I slapped on, because hated losing clips. Also, the shop installed a Tactic TTX403 Receiver and Transmitter, which is in the shot. 😛 True, it’s meant for planes, but eh!





I hope to get running videos up sometime!

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