Good News And Bad News


(Old picture. I turned her hair anime pink)


As some who read the post about me leaving adultfanfiction as an author due to their stupid disclaimer guidelines know that I’ve been thinking if where to put my erotic works and post my own disclaimer. Well, there is good and bad news in that department! There’s a blog on google that was soppose to be this blog’s sister, but me being lazy, I gave that up after a post.


Deadra 1


Well, after reading a bit of Google’s tos agreement, it might be possible to put my hentai works there, but the blog will be age protected, so no kids will be able to get to it (I hope). As yet, not sure if it’ll be possible for people, other than in my circle to get access, but I’ll check. For now, I’m just happy that I may have a space to post a few of my stories. Will keep you updated! 🙂

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