Redone Character & Plans For Her

There are a few posts I want to write today before buckling down into “Writing Mode”. Though when the character below was created, (thank you age lol), I have been told Sakura looks like Aki Yoshira, which yes, they both have glasses and Sakura “HAD” blue hair, but the two are two different characters. I’m ranting, sorry.



The other day, I decided to hop on the game I hate to play, but love to use to create characters from my writings. While on, Sakura gotta hair color change, (see below).


Sakura_(Pink Hair)


Though the blue hair looked alright on her, this “anime” pink color looks better, now that I’ve used her in offline game modes. But, there might be some moron that will come tell me she resembles an anime girl too much, to that I say, “oh well!” 🙂 I’d like your thoughts, does she look cuter with pink hair?


Now my plans for her. I’ve told my adopted brother that I want to do a new story with my cat girl ninja, Deadra (below), but have it  be less of a love story. There is a plot running in me head, just wanna “dry run” it first before naming it. Last night, the idea came to me, having me think about putting Sakura in it too could be fun.


Deadra 1

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