Soon To Be In My R/C Collection

Last Friday, though a part didn’t want to, I put my old Tamiya TL 01 street racer up for sale at the hobby shop. Oh the memories of that car are fresh, even today. Shoot, when it was first bought in 2000-01, it was weak, but had spirit, and when I had the shop slap my old Traxxas Slash esc and motor in the car last year, the car was like a bullet! 🙂


Well, when the car was put up for sale, I went ahead and put a E MAXX on layaway, (pics of the truck type below). True, some in my family might cough up a hair ball and say I have more pressing stuff I need, but meh, it IS my money & I get what I need done so yeah.


Emaxx 1


Here it is, the E Maxx! I should have fun with this thing! It’s all wheel drive so going places, like mud, snow shouldn’t be a problem, not that I drive my R/Cs in Winter anyway!


Emaxx 2




pede 2016

(Project Venom)


You maybe asking what will I do with my Stampede? I’m keeping it, ain’t no way I’m selling it, because it IS a SWEET R/C! It’ll still be driven and jumped, like a BOSS! Live the Stampede if it were a son, which, to me, it is my kid! 🙂

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