A Topic On My Mind….

For days something has been eating at me and at first, I wasn’t gonna post it because the old me, (the mean, moody) Shadowlight’s trying to stay buried! With that said, I post this just to point out how much of the Playstation Network is made up of insensitive morons, and hey, since a player posted that thread to gamefaq.com,these videos I’m about to embed I hope will serve as examples of how a few gamers play and try to hard.


Before I go on, let me say that there are many gamers on PSN that I’ve played with and are friends with, a few read this blog, MiLo, Rave, aToMiSk, Kat and Symph to name a few & I hope they understand why I rarely game on the PS3 anymore. The other day, I went into a old friend’s lobby on SC5 to see if he and I could have a few friendly rounds, bit I’ll explain what he did as I post the videos.


Above, I’ve been trying to get better at the Natsu style, (ninja style) so my creation Haruna Maki was picked to face his creation. I have no idea why, but my Try hard flag flew because to me, he seemed to be mashing a bit, what do you think?


Second match, my Goth Kitty faced him, and he was still trying to hard, but there’s a kicker. After I won, (no idea how I pulled that off.) my intent was to pass my turn, but he kicked me from the lobby! Wtf? I’m not the best player, I’ll admit that, but to remove me for fighting fair? Guess it shows the idiot in him, no? Even told him who I was and that he was on my old list. but he’s off my Christmas list this year. lol


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