What’s On My Steam Wishlist!

At some point, I’ll be taking snapshots of my gaming PC and posting them for you all, discussing what I want to do with it to get it to where playing a game won’t make it cry to mommy! πŸ™‚ Today however, I’d like to talk about the games I have on my Steam Wishlist, a few I already b0ught. As a few of you readers know, I grew up on computer games, so getting back into them has been like coming home! πŸ™‚


I’m not including the games that were already bought, what’s on the list will be bought when I get a better graphics card and chip and bigger hard drive. That said, let us get started.

  1. Devil May Cry 4: Yes, I had the PS3 version and loved it, but being a dummy it was sold. Kinda wanna see the PC version! πŸ™‚

2. Assassin’s Creed III: Again, had it, but couldn’t play it, (hard with no button configs that my one good hand could handle). Hoping with this version, I can remap buttons I need to the game pad to play better.


3. FF6, 7, 9, 13: There is a good reason why 8 was skipped!


4. The Wither 2. Heard it was a good game, wanted to try it. ^_^


5. No Man’s Sky. This game seems interesting to me, so it’s on my list!


6. The Space Quest Collection. One game from my childhood I loved! Not sure if the remakes will be good or not, but I’ll play em, because I’m not one to dump on a game if it holds my interest.


7. Resident Evil HD REMASTERED. I be a sucker for Resident Evil games, sue me. πŸ™‚


8. Resident Evil Revelations. Told ya, sucker! Bought 2 a few months ago, but waiting until my upgrades before installing.


9. Wolfenstien: The New Order: I love FPS games, have since the Resistance series on the PS3!


There is most of my list! My plan is to get these and game on just the computer once the upgrades are done. If you have a game you think I might like, drop me a line and I’ll look it up! πŸ™‚



Some Anime, PC game & other posts will be up this week, but this topic NEEDS to be brought up, due to the fact that it has become so clear that people view me as if I’m a can short of a twelve pack of pop, which I may look stupid, but get to know me & you’ll see I’m not. When I was younger, some would view the chair or how my speech is and say I was retarded, until I’d observe them and point out to them that though I’m in the wheelchair, my mind’s sharp as a tack.

My first outing with the anime club this was so. Was out, on my own, in the dealer room floor and a woman from the club saw me out on my own, ran to the club president and he dragged me back to my caregiver, but she explained that I am not what people think, I’ve done my own thing for years etc. After, the club members started including me more! Funny ain’t it? A talking too and they warmed up to me.


Now later in my life, I can’t go to the mall without people stopping me, asking if I need help, but if/when I say I’m okay, they keep on my ass, until they say, may god bless you! Eh, god huh? After my parents passed, my beliefs went all over. Not saying I don’t believe, but don’t bring it up. Sunday, out with the R/C truck, someone stopped and asked if I was stuck! “Do I look stuck, motherfucker?”


Why do I sound angry? It strikes me that whenever help isn’t needed, people are up in my face, but let my chair die or if a heavy box needs carried in and nobody stops. Screwed up no? Closing: If anyone of ya think I’m over reacting, sorry, I just fed up

A Quick Question

Mid-late June a pc walk through of Crysis 2 began on my You Tube channel, but side projects started and me wanting to run my hobby, be outside etc put the videos on hold. Just wanna know if anyone would like me to upload/play the rest of the game? Comment or like to let me know, thanks! πŸ™‚

Writing Related!

Today while writing the fan work that uses a video game girl, the thought occurred that I could post the progress of it until the love and other scenes. Before reading on, keep in mind this is a FAN PIECE, I do not own the character, which the disclaimer will state.


Down A Rabbit Hole

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a Alternate Universe Hentai story containing Maki Genryusai of Final Fight 2/Street Fighter. I DON’T own the character or make money from said character. Furthermore, this will be the final piece I’ll do with her, and it has M/F, M/F/F, F/F sexual situations, Blood Play. If you disagree with such content, go back to your sandbox.

Though she joined the Tokyo police force at the tender age of eighteen, much to her ninja master and father’s dismay, graduating at the top of her class, Maki gained the respect of the people she worked with. It wasn’t a easy thing to do at first, there were some male officers who thought she got to where she was sleeping with the instructor, an omission making the blonde ill even today, but slowly, Maki proved herself. True now only twenty, her training and way she thought through anything, if a case stumped her fellow officers, it didn’t go without saying that the file landed in her care.

One night when her shift started, her captain called her into his office, a request throwing the young woman. As she headed in, it struck her as odd that he asked to see her, usually he’d just set whatever file the detectives couldn’t solve on her desk, letting her read it and go to work, but asking her to see him made, β€œWhat could this mean?” chime through her mind. Once in, Maki saw a file open on his desk with morgue photographs of women with bite marks on them, compelling her to read on, but before the blonde could, the man stopped her.

When his gaze locked onto her, β€œBefore I let you, or no, consider you to take this case, Officer Genryusai, you must know there might be more danger in it than you encountered.” left the man’s mouth sternly, but had a caring ring to it. There wasn’t doubt that she could handle herself out there, the man knew the busty blonde could, that wasn’t the concern. What worried him was the fact that she might end up dead, drained of blood like the women in the pictures, letting, β€œIf you get too deep, you’re off this case!” fell out before he gave her the file.

Before just taking the folder, a bow met his, telling him she understood, but the last part of what he said echoed in her head, almost having the blonde want to inquire about it, but perhaps having another mystery to crack silenced the inquiry. Grabbing the file, going to her desk, she read the information, making note of the steps she’d take next. However, while looking at the reports, something odd about the area where the bodies were found hit her, having a chill go through her. β€œAll the women were found in the area of the Night Coven’s club.” exited Maki’s mouth in a mumble as she read on.

Though the blonde knew of the club, she wasn’t in the goth inspired business, but if the murders had a link to it, the club had to be looked into, getting her to clock out early. Heading out of the station, the young woman knew she passed the business on her way home, so thoughts of starting her investigation that night began flooding in, having the blonde on the way home. What Maki didn’t realize was she would enter a world that would shock, terrify and arouse the officer, a rabbit where she’d find a man who would show her things no man could. Walking up to the entrance, the blonde found herself facing a line, something she knew would happen, but the sheer number of people waiting to get into the club threw her, having, β€œIs this place really this popular?” jump from her mouth in a mumble.

Getting in line, thoughts of flashing her badge to the bouncer and telling him her business there came to mind, but she heard what might be her father and her academy training in her ear, telling the blonde that would just tip off the suspect IF they were there, letting the idea of just paying and observing set in. While the people moved up, it couldn’t be help noting the blonde wasn’t dressed for this and she could stick out like a sore thumb, making Maki debate about leaving. The thought bounced in her head, but no, she was there though, she would try blending in and look around, an omission having the blonde pay.

No sooner did she get into the club, everything about it made her want to leave, but the devotion to her work kept the blonde there. After finding a corner booth, a booth she could sit and watch, trying to see anyone out of place, besides her of course. As she sat there, surveying the surrounds, she saw men and women her age and older dancing really close to each other, grinding and much more, causing Maki to look away as what could be disgust shown on the blonde’s face. She wasn’t a prude, the woman knew people danced in this manner, but perhaps being a shut in, away from the world training in ninja had something to do with the way she viewed the actions, a fact making a sigh drop from Maki’s lips. Watching the people, Maki couldn’t understand what caused her to feel this way, though she tried explaining it, the need to get up and dance began to course through the young woman’s blood, picking her up from her seat.

Walking to the dance floor, Maki began feeling the beat of the rave music in her head, having her sway her body to it. It couldn’t be denied she didn’t know how to dance, the movement made that painfully clear, causing the young woman to blush and begin to walk back to the booth. And yet, as the blonde sat down, a man and woman came up to her and took her back to the dance floor. Being lead by them, flags went flying in Maki’s head, making the girl want to pull away, but parts of her could be heard telling her not too. There wasn’t a doubt about it, the woman felt torn, her expression said everything, but something, perhaps curiosity took hold and stopped her from thinking.

As the two brought her to the center of the floor, little things on the subject of why she let them bring her back there could be heard going through the blonde ninja’s mind, but, β€œWho are they?” stood out from the others, worrying the police woman. Still, something about them, Maki couldn’t explain why she ignored signals telling her to get away from the two. While the two began to dance, grinding, touching and feeling her skin, Maki couldn’t deny a charge of energy that went through her young body and started waking the blonde, having her feel their rhythm, matching it.

Though not sure why, watching her female dance partner, the young police woman felt dizzy for some unknown reason, as if something started zapping her, having the blonde fall back against the male. She knew she wasn’t ill, the woman rarely ever caught anything, something she admitted, but this, it didn’t seem right, making her blink several times. While whatever it was continued to drain her, clouding all thought, disorienting the blonde, Maki swore she saw one of her smirk, showing what looked to be fangs, having, β€œWhat is this?” come to mind.

Looking on, it couldn’t be denied the two already tasted the woman’s essence on their lips, letting them lick them while trying to keep from drooling. Not wanting to wait, the young couple went in for the kill, but before they got anywhere near the police woman’s neck, a powerful thug on their hair was felt, driving them backward, screaming in a hellish tone. Being dragged from her as a bouncer picked Maki up as she tried to shake the clouds from her mind while he put her in the manager’s office, the two didn’t need to know who had them by the hair, they could feel the man’s anger.

Taking them outside, the guy couldn’t contain the contempt he felt for the couple, having a forceful growl leave his lips. He didn’t need to explain ANYTHING, they knew the rules of the club, rules his Sire laid out for him, ones he strictly enforced, by death if need be, but their look said everything, making the owner snatch both up by the neck as, β€œDon’t test me, young ones! You know damn well you CANNOT drink from mortals UNLESS they want you too!” drained from his mouth in a angry tone, tightening his grip with every word. After venting, the man threw the two into garbage, but the woman hissed and ran to attack him, which just made the owner’s heart colder, making him punch her face so hard it snapped her neck.

Going back into the business, it wasn’t lost on the owner that the woman the two tried feeding on might be a cop, knowledge having, β€œJust what we don’t need.” fall from his mouth in a mutter while heading to his office to ensure she was okay. He knew what drew her there, the guy didn’t need to guess, but the murders happened in his world and he didn’t think Maki would keep calm knowing vampires existed, making what he needed to do come easy. Entering his office, his cold gaze fixed on her, every sign of what power they used on her shown to be wearing off, having, β€œI had eyes on you since you got here, police woman, you stuck out way too much!” come out cold as ice as he looked the blonde over.

Perhaps his tone triggered it or her training did, but, β€œIs he covering up the two murder?”, prompting, β€œThere have been two murders around your place! Now, I can either come back with a warrant, take you in or you can tell me with you know!” She wasn’t a fool, something didn’t feel right about the guy, but Maki knew she couldn’t just get a warrant without cause, and though shady, the owner gave no reason for one. Looking at him, everything told her he knew more than he let on, having the blonde put her hand on her hip while, β€œListen, if you know something, tell me, I won’t arrest you.” came out semi sternly.

β€œThis woman has spirit, I like it!” went through the man’s head while taking in her form. Though not making it clear, if he had met the human another way, he’d have no issues with getting to know the police officer and bedding her, but this wasn’t the time for such thoughts. β€œI’m well aware of those killings, officer, but my private team’s looking into it! Besides, the less you know, the safer you’ll be!” spilled out coldly. True, he had a cold streak in him, acts he committed over many generations proved it. Yet, perhaps how she spoke her mind affected him, or maybe he knew she’d be targeted, but for whatever reason, the owner wanted Maki safe, driving, β€œNow if we are done here, I need to close!” out, but not as frozen.



A Good Topic, Any Thoughts Welcome!

This topic has been stirring in my head for quite awhile now, but was worried I’d sound too much of a geek if I brought it up! πŸ˜› Eh, this year, my old fears of what people think/say about have been melting away, having me speak my mind more. With that said, let us start! πŸ™‚


If you’ve followed me for awhile now, the posts about me leaving console gaming for returning to my gaming roots, (PC games) have crossed your path. To me, on the computer, gaming is A LOT less stressful. There aren’t fools saying I SUCK, none of that crap!Β  Sure, my wheelchair repairman’s son said I should get into a steam club for disabled gamers, but I tend to like gaming on my own, in my own time, but getting off topic!


With VR gaming becoming a reality, though pricey, avenues are opening up for IPs. After watching a follow you tube subber play a virtual reality game some weeks ago, this topic came to me! In the near future, could VR MMORPGs, like we’ve seen in anime, (.hack and Sword Art Online) be possible? I admit, if yes, they’d need to do away with the bulky headset, because though I may not be active in gaming at that time, I can’t see many wearing those!


What do you readers think, could this become real?

The Plan For The New Addition…When It’s paid Off!

Emaxx 1


Even though the new truck’s still in layaway, it does not mean I can’t plan on what to do once I get it home! Been watching you tube videos on what people upgraded on their E Maxx, debated, even read forum posts, but at the end of the day, the only people who know me and that I trust are the people at the local hobby shop. Read on for the plan. πŸ™‚


Unlike baby, the new truck won’t get money poured into it, because well, the thing is beefier than baby and baby will always be my baby! πŸ˜› So what will I do to the E Maxx? Well, according to Cameron, the bulk Heads are a weakness, so they will go in time, but other upgrades. I do not think the truck needs much, I may have him do away with the duel motor setup and put a single brushless motor/esc on, due to the two battery it needs to run might be a pain!


Like baby, it WILL have the body clip holders and a handle, but nothing else!

Working On Stories

Jasmine picture 1


Last week, an old piece was poked, Priestess Of Lust, Jasmine’s story had been added too. I had every intention of completing the work, but well, you know me. Seriously though, it felt good to be back into that story after so long away, I mean the content wrote itself!


Still not sure how long it might be, haven’t even gotten to any of those scenes yet, just taking my time with the piece, but I’m enjoying it. After this story, an idea for a semi romantic work, though I kinda don’t like writing romance, as its not my thing, but eh. At least my writing juices are flowing right?


Skya redone 1

Round the same time, Skya’s reboot was started and though it is not titled yet, ideas for her reboot are coming to me. πŸ™‚ What’s planned for her new story? Eh, war, a human reborn in a dark elf’s body and forbidden passion! πŸ™‚ Yes, Shadowlight, you need a girlfriend! Had one, & though we split, she thinks her issues can invoke my helpful side, the days of wanting to help her are over.