A Few More Pics Of Baby (AKA Project Venom!)

Not long ago, a fellow blogger and R/C hobbyist contacted me and asked if I had more pictures of my little project and a video. You know me, always happy to talk about the hobbies I love, so grabbing the phone, these were taken.


Venom Sideview 1


These will be views of the truck from every side. As you see here, the guy who cut and painted it did one hell of a good job, though he is a slacker! Yes. basic black might be boring, but I like the color, one of my favorites. He etched door handles too, the light might be too bright to see them!


Venom Back


As you’ll note, he did a little work here, knocking the back window out so I can pick the truck up easier. Works well too, but think I dented the body too much, because the top is cracking where I pick it up. And the Chevrolet sticker is a nice flare!


Venom Sideview 2


Aside from the truck sitting funny, you can see the handle in this last shot! 🙂 Everything considered, this shell looks good, I love the vintage look the Stampede has now! Does my trust in the guy extend to let the guy do anything to baby beside painting? No, due to him telling me the upgrades would be done one week a few months ago, but Cameron, my friend who works at the hobby shop told me that the guy left it in pieces and it would be a week for my brushless system to get there.


To close. The RPM Bumper, front/rear A-Arms, the Tactic radio system and the body are all the work I’ll put into the Stampede, meaning Project venom is complete! Total cost, not including the tires? $110.00! Below is the video from a week ago. 🙂



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