Creations Makeover

Hope that I make sense today, after a bad sleep I feel kinda zonked, but its all good. If you’ve followed me for a time, then you were around and know that I create the characters from my stories using a ps3 game’s character creator.Well. to me, my creations looked okay as they were, but lately something has told me that my ladies looked stick figurish.


Most of Saturday was spent in the creator trying to redo a few. Mind you, I’m no expert on women’s measurements, aside from, (cough bust size), so sue me! πŸ™‚ Before going further, let me say that I’m not trying to make overweight characters, not saying that overweight is bad , but some players have them and it does not appeal to me. With that said, below are the first few characters I started with and their two datasheets, hope they pass inspection. Oh, by default all settings were set to -12


goth kitty picture 1


First up, Goth Kitty. She was the last I made over, an I haven’t used her to see how she looked yet, I will. Her sheets are below.


goth kitty picture 2


goth kitty picture 3Please be aware that these are trial and error guesses, but I’m doing my best. A buddy of mind gave me a guide that I’m following, but tweaking as I go.


ashley picture 1


Now Ashley was used in a few matches after her remake, and she looks good! Even sparked two new story ideas for her that I’ll do once time presents itself. πŸ™‚


ashley picture 2


ashley picture 3




Sakura redone picture 1


Yes, the joint Sakura and Deadra story is still happening, just wanna end the novel chapter and the fanfiction piece before starting it. That stated, she was next to be redone & I like the result! πŸ˜› Tell me your thoughts


Sakura redone picture 2


Sakura redone picture 3



Jasmine picture 1


Dare I say Jasmine was hot before her makeover? Hey, I’m a guy!!! Anyway, Saturday was my shot to make her less paper thin. Did it work? Tell me. πŸ™‚


Jasmine picture 2

Jasmine picture 3



deadra redone picture 1


Now with Deadra, the cat ninja I love using, tried redoing her cat makeup while doing the body, but nothing popped. 😦


deadra redone picture 2



deadra redone picture 3



Well, that’s all for now. I plan on giving more creations redos, but for now, how do they look?


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