State Of Me!

Okay so, a day after I put the word out that chapter 5 was done and gave you guys/gals details on what the next few weeks will be for my writing, a heatwave hit, sending my body temp high. Hence my being off the computer for two days, but though it is still so hot you can cook food on the sidewalk, I’m fighting through it. Anyway, there are a few ideas popped in my head as I started writing.


Sakura redone picture 1


Though WordPress may frown on me if I posted erotic stories here, anyone know if they would if I wrote the opening to one, but left the (AHEM)? Would someone let me know please? The spark to write is within me, just wanna share some with you readers if possible! 🙂


Related news. A new character, Synda, death’s daughter, one of my early characters was recreated last night. When she was, a small idea for a story stirred, one I may or may not do. However, when it is possible, her pic will be put up.


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