A few Weeks With The Cell

While sitting here at my desk, working on a scene to see how it gels for an upcoming last fan work I’ll do for a game character, I thought I’d tell you guys how I’m fairing with my cellphone. Weeks earlier, I’m sure you knew how much hate ran through me at the sight of this thing. Really, actual hate for the damn thing, so much so, throwing it against the wall crossed my mind more times than I wanna say. Every time an attempt was made to add contacts to my call list, I’d accidentally touch the touchscreen and call the person.


New tech scares me, I’ll admit it, but this phone scared me to a point that was not funny. Days went by where the thing wasn’t turned on for fear it may do something if I sneezed! 🙂 However, for better or worse I needed to learn how to use the phone, so I slowly learned it. Now, though still dealing with issues, but the phone is growing on me. Sure, a few things, like taking pics are done by taking video then taking snapshots from the video, but I do it. There ya go, a quick review or whatever of how I’m adapting to new tech!


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