More Creation Remakes & Two Surprises

Started this post Sunday night, but got tired. Thought I’d post more redone character pictures! As stated before, I’m no expert in measuring women’s sizes, I guess and go by sight. That said, bring the models in. 🙂


Aki redone 1


First up, we have an old creation, one I’m still proud of today, Aki Yoshira. From the first picture along, you may see that she is fuller and more real.



Aki redone 2

Here is where the guesswork came in, as I’m horrid at measurements. Thoughts and advice are welcome because I wanna get better at this. Her second data sheet’s below


Aki redone 3


Already hear the people, “You gave her to big of a chest, Shadowlight!” Maybe, but she is anime inspired, so moving on to Asuka, Blackrose and Xavior’s daughter.


Asuka redone 1


If I never said it before, some of what I learned in science class in high school applied in creation her. Had to think of what traits to give Asuka from both parents, and with that known, I think she went well. Data sheets below.


Asuka redone 2


With her redone form, I didn’t blow her to out there, like Aki. Asuka will be in the vampire novel after all. An might I say, while a few tasteful love scenes will take place in my novel, it will not be like the Anita Blake series! Second sheet below.


Asuka redone 3


As stated, no big hooters, but wanted her to have some figure and muscle mass, so yeah! 🙂


Blackrose 2 redone 1


Good Blackrose. If some of you read the chapter V preview, you know her fur reverts to a lighter shade of brown, which I tried capturing here. Like?


Blackrose 2 redone 2


Again, nothing too nuts. 🙂


Blackrose 2 redone 3


See? Wasn’t lying was I? 🙂


Fujiko redone 1


Some say, I overuse the cat paint, others say I love cat girls to an unhealthy degree. To that I shrug and say so? 😛


Fujiko redone 2


How did I do?


Fujiko redone 3


🙂 So I gave a character from the book, one who can feel the effects of aura a 5 chest, sue me. lol


Skya redone 1


I may reboot this elf woman’s story sometime soon and ask Symph if she would draw Skya and see if she’ll charge me. If you read this Symph, I do not wanna Hentai pic done, don’t slap me! ^_^


Skya redone 2


Though her hair bow needs recoloring, (tried for pink), her redo fills out the kimono!


Skya redone 3


Skya is a character from my erotic works so sue me for the chest size! 🙂



Synda Death's Daughter


Surprise one! Meet Synda, an arc angel, a product between death and an angel. Haven’t completed her look yet, but the idea is she is like her father’s hunter, thought she just wants friends and boyfriend. When a soul that escapes death, but is suppose to die is near, she bleeds from the eyes and mouth.


Vampire Xavior


Say hello to, Dante, (will be renamed Xavior in the book soon). This is what I see his vampire form as, or close, given the game’s character creator’s limits. I did give him a scar, which he will get soon. More about him soon! 🙂


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