This And That, A SCV Post

WARNING! Shades of the old mean Shadowlight will be typed into this post, you’ve been warned!


Aki redone 1


As the title implies, I went back to SC5, the PS3 game I HATE playing online, but love creating characters with. Let us just say that dislike isn’t the word to use when dealing with random fuckers on said game. No, the phrase that comes to mind is “Cut their hands of!” sums it up! Really, almost all of the players either spam, try to DAMN hard or just act like jackoffs.

Then we get the players that think that they are “GODS OF THE GAME”, the players who don’t allow the other player to get up, and have the DICK to say “Good Games” after! Uh yeah, whatever. Saturday night, while letting my keyboard dry, I had a player come to my room, I faced him evenly, but her/she starts side stepping and hitting me when I would block. Finally, I just said FUCK IT and gave them the match and left. They came into the new room, asking Did lag hit?


Just told them, I gave up


Their Reply? “Oh, well ggs!”


Yes, go fuck yourself! I really don’t like fools like that. Guess I’ll just create my characters, stay off psn and stick to steam!

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