The Plan For The New Addition…When It’s paid Off!

Emaxx 1


Even though the new truck’s still in layaway, it does not mean I can’t plan on what to do once I get it home! Been watching you tube videos on what people upgraded on their E Maxx, debated, even read forum posts, but at the end of the day, the only people who know me and that I trust are the people at the local hobby shop. Read on for the plan. 🙂


Unlike baby, the new truck won’t get money poured into it, because well, the thing is beefier than baby and baby will always be my baby! 😛 So what will I do to the E Maxx? Well, according to Cameron, the bulk Heads are a weakness, so they will go in time, but other upgrades. I do not think the truck needs much, I may have him do away with the duel motor setup and put a single brushless motor/esc on, due to the two battery it needs to run might be a pain!


Like baby, it WILL have the body clip holders and a handle, but nothing else!

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