Working On Stories

Jasmine picture 1


Last week, an old piece was poked, Priestess Of Lust, Jasmine’s story had been added too. I had every intention of completing the work, but well, you know me. Seriously though, it felt good to be back into that story after so long away, I mean the content wrote itself!


Still not sure how long it might be, haven’t even gotten to any of those scenes yet, just taking my time with the piece, but I’m enjoying it. After this story, an idea for a semi romantic work, though I kinda don’t like writing romance, as its not my thing, but eh. At least my writing juices are flowing right?


Skya redone 1

Round the same time, Skya’s reboot was started and though it is not titled yet, ideas for her reboot are coming to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ What’s planned for her new story? Eh, war, a human reborn in a dark elf’s body and forbidden passion! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, Shadowlight, you need a girlfriend! Had one, & though we split, she thinks her issues can invoke my helpful side, the days of wanting to help her are over.


2 thoughts on “Working On Stories

  1. Hey whats up brother! You still playing that SCV ? I busy as hell with work, still turning wrenches on big trucks diesel work, rebuilds, motors, diffs, transmissions and alot of road test time behind the wheel, still divorced status, but i got a good woman for the last 2 years now..i hope you write back you crazy bastard! Ken-shin-bone!

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    • HEY MAN HOW THE BEEEEEEEEP ARE YA!? I’ve wondered about you, last I got from you was your father passed! Well that game is played off and on, there are more fools who try to hard than before, so I just try to stay off it. I play on PC now and its much less stressful on me. Ah I work on trucks too, the R/C kind! I’ve gotta sweet rig I just decked out and I’m buying a new one! Hit me back, buddy, I’d love to chat with ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

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