A Good Topic, Any Thoughts Welcome!

This topic has been stirring in my head for quite awhile now, but was worried I’d sound too much of a geek if I brought it up! 😛 Eh, this year, my old fears of what people think/say about have been melting away, having me speak my mind more. With that said, let us start! 🙂


If you’ve followed me for awhile now, the posts about me leaving console gaming for returning to my gaming roots, (PC games) have crossed your path. To me, on the computer, gaming is A LOT less stressful. There aren’t fools saying I SUCK, none of that crap!  Sure, my wheelchair repairman’s son said I should get into a steam club for disabled gamers, but I tend to like gaming on my own, in my own time, but getting off topic!


With VR gaming becoming a reality, though pricey, avenues are opening up for IPs. After watching a follow you tube subber play a virtual reality game some weeks ago, this topic came to me! In the near future, could VR MMORPGs, like we’ve seen in anime, (.hack and Sword Art Online) be possible? I admit, if yes, they’d need to do away with the bulky headset, because though I may not be active in gaming at that time, I can’t see many wearing those!


What do you readers think, could this become real?


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