Some Anime, PC game & other posts will be up this week, but this topic NEEDS to be brought up, due to the fact that it has become so clear that people view me as if I’m a can short of a twelve pack of pop, which I may look stupid, but get to know me & you’ll see I’m not. When I was younger, some would view the chair or how my speech is and say I was retarded, until I’d observe them and point out to them that though I’m in the wheelchair, my mind’s sharp as a tack.

My first outing with the anime club this was so. Was out, on my own, in the dealer room floor and a woman from the club saw me out on my own, ran to the club president and he dragged me back to my caregiver, but she explained that I am not what people think, I’ve done my own thing for years etc. After, the club members started including me more! Funny ain’t it? A talking too and they warmed up to me.


Now later in my life, I can’t go to the mall without people stopping me, asking if I need help, but if/when I say I’m okay, they keep on my ass, until they say, may god bless you! Eh, god huh? After my parents passed, my beliefs went all over. Not saying I don’t believe, but don’t bring it up. Sunday, out with the R/C truck, someone stopped and asked if I was stuck! “Do I look stuck, motherfucker?”


Why do I sound angry? It strikes me that whenever help isn’t needed, people are up in my face, but let my chair die or if a heavy box needs carried in and nobody stops. Screwed up no? Closing: If anyone of ya think I’m over reacting, sorry, I just fed up


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