What’s On My Steam Wishlist!

At some point, I’ll be taking snapshots of my gaming PC and posting them for you all, discussing what I want to do with it to get it to where playing a game won’t make it cry to mommy! 🙂 Today however, I’d like to talk about the games I have on my Steam Wishlist, a few I already b0ught. As a few of you readers know, I grew up on computer games, so getting back into them has been like coming home! 🙂


I’m not including the games that were already bought, what’s on the list will be bought when I get a better graphics card and chip and bigger hard drive. That said, let us get started.

  1. Devil May Cry 4: Yes, I had the PS3 version and loved it, but being a dummy it was sold. Kinda wanna see the PC version! 🙂

2. Assassin’s Creed III: Again, had it, but couldn’t play it, (hard with no button configs that my one good hand could handle). Hoping with this version, I can remap buttons I need to the game pad to play better.


3. FF6, 7, 9, 13: There is a good reason why 8 was skipped!


4. The Wither 2. Heard it was a good game, wanted to try it. ^_^


5. No Man’s Sky. This game seems interesting to me, so it’s on my list!


6. The Space Quest Collection. One game from my childhood I loved! Not sure if the remakes will be good or not, but I’ll play em, because I’m not one to dump on a game if it holds my interest.


7. Resident Evil HD REMASTERED. I be a sucker for Resident Evil games, sue me. 🙂


8. Resident Evil Revelations. Told ya, sucker! Bought 2 a few months ago, but waiting until my upgrades before installing.


9. Wolfenstien: The New Order: I love FPS games, have since the Resistance series on the PS3!


There is most of my list! My plan is to get these and game on just the computer once the upgrades are done. If you have a game you think I might like, drop me a line and I’ll look it up! 🙂


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