My Gaming PC

This post was suppose to go up yesterday, (Tuesday), but wasn’t feeling to good. As promised, here are a few pics of my gaming rig and I’ll breakdown what I have in the PC! ^_^ Please keep in mind that I got what parts I could afford at the time, but parts will be upgraded by 2017. Let’s start! 🙂


Gaming PC 1


This mid tower case was bought from a local computer shop back after I moved back to my home city a few years ago, but sat unused until last year. It’s home to three fans an MSI 760GMA-P34 motherboard with a FX6300 CPU, 8Gigs of DDR3? ram. I know there are better chips, but was on a budget, but the 6300’s not bad! 🙂 My hard drive’s  a 1TB drive, (will be upping to a 2 or 3 TB). When I bought the tower, the power supply that is powering this rig was bought at the same place. An Ultra LS 600watt 80+ bronz PSU is powering this thing.


Right now a Radeon 7770HD graphics card is in here, crying in games, not badly, but for games on my Steam list, I will get the R480x.


Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard


Yes, for button heavy games, I bind the keyboard keys to my logitech F310 Game pad. Works good for me, but for games like WoW and probably Space Quest, keyboard and mouse will be used. The keyboard is a Amazon Basics brand, and for the cheap price, it isn’t bad! 🙂 My mouse is one thing needing retirement though. Only the left button and scroll wheel work on it. Eh, eight years old, what did I expect? 😛


Gaming PC 3 25 Inch monitor


Lastly, remember when I switched to an HDMI cable? Here’s what it’s hooked too! I don’t need to stare at a small section of the tv anymore, now the games fit the screen! And yes, Elfen Lied anime wallpaper is how I roll! 🙂 This computer runs on Windows 10 Home!


What do you guys/gals/humans think? If you have any upgrade suggestions, please let me know, I’d love advice.


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