All I Gotta Say Is…..

Wow, I did not expect all the comments and discussions from my Last Post it means a lot! Really, a heartfelt thank you goes out to Arria Cross, Karandi, AnimeGirlsNYC and KimmieKawaii, (think I misspelled that), ALL of you, thank you sooo much! 🙂 Either later tonight or tomorrow, I’ll start a list of all titles you guys/gals listed. This doesn’t mean the call ends here, ome can never have too much anime! 😛


Voltron (Beast King Golion_2)


I got up today, checked my WP to find Karandi gave the “Calling All Otaku” post a pingback. When I saw that, I wanted to thank her asap, which was done. Not since the days of the anime club have I seen the anime community reach out to one of their own like this! If anyone new who crosses the post or this one & have anime they want to suggest, my list is always willing to grow!




And finally, to those who just started following this blog, let me welcome you. 🙂 I cover a lot of topics, from anime, my writings, my other interests, life being in a wheelchair to the novel I’m striving on writing. 🙂 I hope to talk to everyone of you soon and welcome feedback.


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