Computer Upgrade Budget And Plan…

Gaming PC 1


As I mentioned when I posted pics of this beautiful gaming PC a few posts back what direction this tower will go. While trying to keep the noise from my nephew’s uncontrollable kids out of my head, a budget was come up with, one that may not get everything at once, it’ll make the computer a good gaming PC. With that said, let us start. 🙂


I think a budget between $600-8 or 900 dollars will due as a start because most likely I’ll be ordering the parts. As said in the other post, a better power supply, (700-800watt) will be bought! A radeon 480x 8 gig graphics card is going to be bought to replace the 7770 card that’s in the tower now. Might try getting a 2 TB drive and windows 10. As the plan was to get the AMD 8350 CPU, I might wait, stress test the new graphics card in the rig I got, then save more, it might be best.


Also stated in my other post, my desire is to get this to where I can have more than  a few games on here at a time and to permenitely leave the PS3 behind!


As always, if you have thoughts, please comments below! 🙂 Have a suggestion? I’m open.



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