Anime List Started

Well after a few days of letting my stories dictate my time, the anime list began today! 🙂 I’ve took a good chunk of titles you followers recommended and got a good start going, thank you. 🙂 There are some on the comments that WILL go on the list, but gave myself a healthy sized list.


Maybe healthy isn’t the word for it, does huge work better? To all who left their picks, I can’t thank you enough for all your help! And to all who have yet to do so, c’mon, I won’t bite. 🙂 Anyway, what I’m thinking of doing is to put a few more classics on there, like Ghost In The Shell, (movie and SAC), InuYasha etc.


I do realize that some might be out of print, but there is Amazon, where I’ll probably get most of the anime, because is a little overpriced. True, a good share of anime is discounted, but other titles are overpriced.


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