Preview Of The Anime List

Voltron (Beast King Golion)


After the post about the list starting, it hit me that I could show the thirty, (or more) title that start this hunk of a thing. Keep in mind, more will be added in time, because you guys/gals gave a lot of good titles! Shall we start? 🙂


Growing Anime List

  1. Bleach
  2. Trigun
  3. Gundam Seed/&GSD
  4. Death Note
  5. Cowboy BeBop
  6. .Hack//Sign
  7. FMAB
  8. Samurai Troopers (Eng. Subtitled)
  9. Dragon Ball
  10. Hajime no Ippo
  11. Bakuman
  12. Gundam 00
  13. One Piece
  14. Blood+
  15. Gunslinger Girl
  16. Tokyo Ghoul
  17. Witch Hunter Robin
  18. Code Geass
  19. Initial D
  20. Parasyte
  21. Joker Game
  22. Zankyou no Terror
  23. Durarara!!
  24. Terror In Resonance
  25. Soul Eater
  26. Ninja Scroll
  27. Robotech
  28. Erased
  29. Your Lie In April
  30. Beast King Golion
  31. Record Of Lodoss War


Funny fact, open office numbers things as you do a list lol. 🙂 A few titles I added myself, as you see, but most of the list came from you followers. Just one thing. I’ve seen the redo of Evangelion and was on the fence about it, not loving but not hating it. Should I give it another go?


8 thoughts on “Preview Of The Anime List

  1. I didn’t like the redo of Evangelion (I felt it added unnecessary clutter to an already cluttered story and the new characters weren’t particularly interesting). That said, it depends how much you liked the old version. It was one of the first serious anime I watched and I really fell in love with it.

  2. This was your anime to buy list, right? If it is to watch, I just finished Toradora! and I’m only a few episodes away from finishing the second season of Noragami (Aragoto). I’m not sure the type of anime you are into but I practically binged Noragami and I’m preparing to rewatch it 🙂 Toradora! is a cute show too. The initial episodes (first 3-4) are meh, but afterwards, the character development really takes off.

  3. Ahh also, if you haven’t watched Steins Gate, I heard epic things about it being one of the best animes ever. I’ve not seen it but I know someone who just finished it and he immediately bought it. This is someone who hardly buys any anime series.

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