One More Reboot In Mind, (Sort Of)

Due to the warm weather ending in a month or two, the last few days were spent outdoors with my R/C and being free. The novel and my other works were not fair from my thoughts though, because ideas hit on most of them! Today, I’ll talk about one.


deadra redone picture 1

(Deadra, an 18 y/o ninja cat woman)


For those who have been following me for a long while know that I’ve been writing her story off and on for a time, almost completing it. While thanks to my bro shaking me and reminding me my cat characters act too human, I’m tossing around the idea of a reboot, this time with Deadra having more cat like habits, (running on all fours, licking her fur etc.). Though some plot came to me yesterday, other plot points are still cloudy.


deadra redone picture 2


Not sure if I wanna stick to a romantic plot or do a demonic theme, but eh, if I start today/tonight, might just see where I head! 🙂


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