Return Of The Show I Dislike



Well some of you may not agree with me about this topic, but there is one show I get ill over and thanks to my nephew, his oldest will not stop talking about it. The show on topic today is the original Power Rangers! When this show first aired, I was a Purple w/stripe, Blue Belt? in Hapkido & I viewed the show as bad for the martial arts. At the time, my nephew was training under me and every bloody time that show came on, he’d want me to teach him to fight like them.


Told him that the training is for protection and as a last resort, but no matter what I said, he’d still repeat, “teach me like them.” It came down to me asking my instructor for guidance, but when what he suggested didn’t pan out, I took a step back from training the nephew. Can’t tell ya how much of a failure I felt like. Even Bill, my instructor had kids who got into the art due to that show.To me, Power Rangers helped, but gave the martial arts a bad name. Now, my nephew has introduced his 4 year old to the original show and that’s all he talks about!


I may show the kid a few moves when he gets older, but if he does the same thing his father did, I’m stopping!


What are your thoughts, if you were alive back then?


2 thoughts on “Return Of The Show I Dislike

  1. I always thought the show was pretty stupid and watched it to laugh at the bad special effects. Then again, I’ve never really been in to martial arts so that aspect of it was neither here nor there.

    • The show made me wanna vomit and twitch. And to have my nephew hound me about training him so he could be like them, THAT was when I just took a break from teaching him. At the time, he was…….

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