1 Part Anime Related, 1 Part Computer Related!

Ya know, if I could get outta this wheelchair to plant my foot up my ass, I’d do it! I’m serious, for what I gave up a few months ago, I would totally kick myself. Okay, so, in the house, we have two PS3’s, (mine and my nephew’s). Well, months back the kids monkeyed up one by jamming a toy in the disc slot, frying the blu ray player. I use mine strictly to watch my anime blu-ray and dvds…


Well, me being fedup with the nephew’s bitching about how the kids ruined his, I offered him mine. Looking back now, it wasn’t a good idea, because while I can play SC5, the dvd/blu-ray drive’s shot, but read on.


Gaming PC 1

There is hope however. When the gaming beauty you see above gets her overhaual, one item I’ll be getting in it is a blu ray/dvd/cd drive! They can’t be that expensive, so yeah. After that gets put in, my plan is to rewatch the series below and give my opinion on em! 🙂



Though the dvd boxset of the complete series of FMP was mine before moving home years ago, you know what happened. Well, a year or two back, amazon had it on Blu Ray for a deal, so I got it. I have one of the spinoffs as well, but while I enjoyed it once, I’m considering selling it. My main focus of the review will be on the main series!




Last year for a birthday/Christmas gift to myself, the Elfen Lied series on Blu-Ray was scooped up for a song and enjoyed! 🙂 What’s in mind is to revisit Full Metal Panic and Elfen Lied when a Blu-Ray player’s added and give my reviews and such. I do realize that both series have been reviewed to death, but to me, I enjoy revisiting anime and throwing my two cents in!


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