How I Judge A PC Game

Gaming PC 1


This post might be a short one, but I thought it would be a good topic. Though it isn’t my way to come down on people, after all, I invite debate on this blog. With that known & out of the way, there is one thing that should be put out there now. A week ago while on WP, my spam folder was looked at, and maybe WP auto marks some comments as spam, but one on the topic of my Steam wishlist was there, telling me No Man’s Sky isn’t worth buying.


Opinion noted, but let me speak my mind here. A fellow blogger and follower here and I were talking awhile back about that game. I explained that I do not base what PC game I play on reviews and such, if it keeps my interest and engaged, I’ll play it. She agreed, saying it is true, people’s expect too much at times, they don’t just sit and enjoy a game anymore. (If I misspoke what ya said, Karandi, you can smack me! 🙂 ) Sure, on my list, there are a few games that some may view as not great, but if they keep my interest, I’ll keep em!


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