Future Plans!!!

A few posts will be going up today, many of which will be writing related. So without further delay, let us start. 🙂


Emaxx 1


For those who have followed me for awhile know that earlier this past Summer, I’ve put an early birthday/Christmas gift to myself in layaway at the hobby shop. Well, though the season is two weeks away from ending, (at least I go by temperature reports) my new R/C’s about paid for! Yep, I can get it out hopefully in a week or two, which is great!



pede 2016 Venom Sideview 1


As I said in an earlier post, the new truck will not be getting loved like baby, (pics above). Though the E-Maxx has weak points, weaknesses that WILL be upgraded, the truck will remain stock.


Gaming PC 1Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard


After the truck is paid for, my next goal to save for is the computer upgrade. Still have the $800.00-900.00 budget in mind, because I’m not trashing my case and a few parts yet, so yeah! With that budget, it SHOULD be easy to get this computer where newer games can be played with it crying inside. Adding in a steam card will be bought so when the gaming PC’s beefed up, I can buy the games on my list! 🙂



Then once that it done, I’ll be directly focusing my efforts to all things anime! Going to a convention, getting my collection rebuilt etc. 🙂

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