Why & How I Almost Gave Up Anime! :( :(

I tossed this topic around, debating if it was something I wanted to share, but it maybe time to post it. Throughout my life, anime has been something that I’ve enjoyed and watched to chill out with. Even when I hit hard times and had some mentally abusive roommates living in the house I owned, the college’s anime club monthly viewings were welcome escapes.




With that said, there was a member there that gave off a weird vibe and I avoided him every meeting and showing. Do you ever get the feeling that someone’s unstable in a way? That’s how he made it seem to me, but he was in charge of what series was downloaded for the month’s showing. While almost all the series were kick ass, he’d always stick some off the wall weird anime in, something he liked, but the other members would roll their eyes at.


When my mom passed, I just shut the fudge down, not doing anything but the bare, getting up, eat, drink coffee/tea etc. There was a showing that week, and though the president of the club told me I didn’t have to come if I wasn’t up to it due to grieving, I went.Well, about all the anime that was shown had his creepy aura around it, having me wheel out of the room and made me think, “I really like this shit?”


Looking back, grief made me think that, I understand, but that’s how I almost left anime behind! 😦


2 thoughts on “Why & How I Almost Gave Up Anime! :( :(

  1. First of all, I am truly sorry to read about the passing of your Mother. My Dad passed away March 2015; unexpectedly and rather young (61). Grief is a process that very few understand until they have to deal with it. As far as the anime experience, there have been a few anime series I don’t enjoy as well. That is the beautiful thing about anime, there are genres that cater to all tastes. If you are a part of an anime club, I don’t think it should be up to one person to always choose what anime is being screened. There are benefits to stepping outside your comfort zone and watching something you wouldn’t normally watch. With that said, everyone in the group should have had a chance to choose an anime series to introduce to everyone.

    • Thank you for that, “bows”. Same to you, very sorry to hear of your father. Mom had a massive stroke late 2000, suffered until 2005-06? It hit me hard because I had a ride and planned to come see her the next day, but the nursing home called and dropped the bomb… As for the anime. The group did debate what titles were to be shown, but he would, (least I think) tack on one or two of his odd picks, which usually dealt with subjects I dare not put here.

      Been trying to contact the club and see when they meet now, but they don’t reply.

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