Idea For The Cross Over



This pic maybe from crystal, but I’ll be referencing the 90s version of Sailor Moon. Many posts ago you might’ve read that I’ve been tossing an idea to do a Star Crossed Love/Sailor Moon cross over at the wall, seeing if the idea was sound. Well, it may be, and  I know where it’ll happen, I do not wanna reveal when, (it’ll spoil what happens in the novel). I will however reveal what part of the anime will be used, so yeah.


Vampire Xavior


If memory serves, (if not, please correct me), in the opening episode the moon kingdom’s in ruin and the queen sends her daughter and her court  to Earth. Rewind that a little and I think the cross over may happen there. Won’t go into details, but there ya go! 🙂


Fujiko redone 1


Yes, due to copyrights, I won’t be able to sell it with the novel, I get that, but at times I just write to write.:)


I wanna hear your thoughts about this plan, advice or general chat. Don’t be shy. 🙂

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