PC Gaming News Of Sorts

Months ago, before or while Steam had their summer sale, I bought the first Witcher game, among other games dirt cheap! 🙂 I’ve heard the series was good, so it was installed, then the work to bind keys to the controller began. My ADHD must’ve tripped because I stopped working on the controller profile, but not sure why. Well, for the last two days, I’ve been working on completing the binding so the game could be played. 🙂


As it was worked on, it had me thinking. I could install the other games I have on my Steam bought list, not to play, but to bind the keys to the game pad then export the configuration to a file for later use. Because after the upgrade, I’m gaming on this bad boy!


2 thoughts on “PC Gaming News Of Sorts

    • I’ve heard the Witcher 1 and 2 has the sex scenes, I’m no saint! 😛 Well, making controller profiles is slow for a few games, but I’m not going back to psn. Most of the gamers on ps3 either are rude or tell me I have no right to play. PC games are less stressful to me.

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