Some Wonderful News!!!

As some know, I was going to anime conventions yearly from the 90s-2000, then my last one in mid 2000s, and I quit due to a caregiver messing my bills and money around. I wanna say in 04, the college’s anime club helped me go to Anime-Central, where a blast was had, but like I said, after that greedy woman got her hooks into me again, she started bleeding me dry.


Last year through this year, a hunt was on to locate the club with no luck, until Friday. Going on my Facebook, some names of a few of the anime club’s members kept showing up, so sent one a friend request, hoping he was the right person. Well, I was right and we talked a bit, caught up etc.turned out the club dissolved due to anime streaming sites, but found out cool details! On top of him being married to a cosplayer, most of the club members work with him at a local anime convention in state here! ๐Ÿ™‚


We chatted about that and I told him that I thought about going con hopping a few years back, but if I went without people I know there, I’d be lost? Need I say that after reading that most of the anime club works with him at Youmacon, it got easy to figure what con to go too in 2017 and beyond? Wait , there is more!


Last night, (Sunday) I explained to my nephew that I wanted to go to the convention next year, because people who were in the anime club went there, & he suggested I talk to the friend who works there to see if he couldn’t help getting me a discounted pass. I did and the guy will slide me a free badge! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, handouts aren’t my way, told him that, but going to a con in 2017, seeing people I haven’t seen in years? Must say, I’m EXCITED AS HELL!!!!!!!


Goin’ Ham Writing Wise!

Jasmine picture 1



So this week has been spent writing, starting the crossover, which I’m gonna get back on later today, but yesterday, an old story was revisited and added too. Jasmine’s piece “Priestess of Lust” was the story I left in limbo and feel bad for it, but coming back and adding to it, it felt as if I never left. The words just flowed out, letting me construct good content, plus some errors were fixed. ๐Ÿ™‚


I may work on it todayย  alongside the crossover. Furthermore, I’ve decide that all my erotic stories will be posted to my other blog on blogger. That said though, an AVS system was setup to guard against kids viewing the content.

Project A-KO Review



This review was along time coming, mainly due to me watching it with the intent of writing one, but the anime had me laughing so hard that my notes would be forgotten! ๐Ÿ™‚ Before starting, let it be known, (but some may know this anime was one of my first that got me hooked), so I may be bias. With that said, let us press โ€œGO!โ€

The anime opens with a spacewalk, doing work on a satellite when the Mother ship, (guessing ground control) spots an object rapidly moving towards the astronauts and their ship. The object destroys the ship, crash landing in Japan, taking a city, if not much of the country with it. Sixteen years later, people rebuilt and are advanced as ever, so let us cut to a girl, A-ko having breakfast. As she does, her clock alarms goes off, sending her into panic mode, racing to get ready for school, while her friend, C-ko waits at the front door.

Might help to say A-ko may seem like an average high school girl, but off the bat we see that has superpowers, (super speed for one). On the way, while she’s running with C-ko in tow through a โ€œshortcutโ€, they plow into and send another character flying, (D), which happens a few times in the show. As the two introduce themselves, we meet B-ko, a rich daughter who kinda has an desire for C-ko & will stop at nothing to make her her friend, but there are strong hints that she wants more than friendship.

This is just one of the areas this anime takes a trip into weirdness. Aside from B-ko trying to โ€œbefriendโ€ C-ko by sending friends and mechs after A-ko, ultimately she fights A-ko herself, but throw in aliens who look like men, but are women who think C-ko’s their lost princess and go on a funny tare to retrieve her.

I tend to like almost every character in the show, A-ko is a young woman with a quick temper who protects her friend at every turn. Her fighting ability’s good, if ya like over the top fight scenes. B-ko, on the other hand, kinda gets to me, but I don’t like stuck up rich kids in anime, but that is just me. D, well, if the character got hit anymore, she’d be in a wheelchair or in a coma. ๐Ÿ™‚ No, the โ€œCaptainโ€. If there was an award for being a drunk, the character would win it. Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Every scene with her, a bottle of booze was in her hand, but when it ran dry, the way she flipped was a riot!


For this being an late 80s, early 90s release, the animation’s done well. Sure, nothing ground breaking, but very passable to me. Mechs were good and for this being the first anime that popped my cherry, (yes, I said it) and got me into anime they scratched my itch.


Said in the beginning that reviewing this took a long while due to me laughing my ass off. The comedy wasn’t great, but there are quite a few areas in the show that may grab you. For me, there were a lot, like how C-ko tries to make A-ko eat the lunch she made for her, but it makes her wanna hide. When the captain wigs out due to having no booze always makes me laugh until I fall out of my wheelchair as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Would I recommend this anime? Yes, most definitely! I’ll admit, the hentai overtone would be high for first time anime watchers looking to enter the genera, but if you’re willing to look past them, or if you’re a seasoned vet, try the show! ๐Ÿ™‚


We all have that first anime that got us into the scene, Project A-ko was mine. And while it may not be the best, it’s good for what it is.

Crossover Started



Well, though it took some weeks before it was started, the Starcross Love/Sailor Moon crossover is underway. Before revealing the work thus far, things need to be said. First: I’m not using the Sailor Moon reboot, Sailor Moon Crystal, the series from the 90s is the one that this story is based around. Second: if you’ve read some of the book chapter previews, you know Dante was the name of my main character, well, I’ve opted to change the name, Dante copy infringed on Devil May Cry. Also, some spoilers from later chapters of the book are in here, you have been warned. Lastly: This is my first crossover, please be kind. ๐Ÿ™‚


Vampire Xavior



Broken Savior: A Star Cross Love, Sailor Moon Crossover

Blackrose and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the original characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED! That said, Sailor Moon and the anime’s characters ARE NOT owned by me, money isn’t made by me from their use.



Some months after having to put his wife Blackrose, the feline vampire he loved into the crimson coffin to regenerate for five hundred years, their two daughters, Asuka and Kasha taken places to be safe, not to mention the kingdom they both built back up after killing Queen Chanista’s son being ripped away from him, everyone of his remaining loyal guards knew how Xavior felt. It went without a word that the soldiers could see he hurt over Blackrose almost losing her life due to summoning her dark guardian spirit, Shadow Stalker to fight a corrupt mage, a man who took over the kingdom, they felt the sting as well, but no one could see it better than Fujiko, the friend of Blackrose asked by her to watch his back. Every night when he’d go up to the peak that was in the kingdom, she would be below him sitting on all fours, preening her claws while the thought, โ€œHas he drank blood at all today?โ€ entered her mind, making the feline ask him.


She knew Xavior’s answer already, even before the question left her tongue, an answer having the feline get in his face and peer into his eyes. Fujiko had great respect for the man, before and after Blackrose turned him, that didn’t go without saying, but after everything, she seen Xavior go without blood for a few days, a prospect that could be dangerous for everyone. โ€œHave you really drank blood, because you know what may happen if you don’t. You’ll weaken, attack others, or both!โ€ left the cat woman’s lips as she gave off a low feline howl of anger


Listening to her howling, it went without saying what she’d do if he answered with a no, but truthfully though, after his wife going into hibernation and feeling his vampire nature’s grip on him, making the warrior go out of control that one time while protecting Asuka scared him. Sure, Xavior wasn’t a fool, he drank a little blood, but just enough to keep his nature at bay, having, โ€œI’ve had some today, don’t worry Fujiko.โ€ escape his mouth as the two looked at the other. Little did Xavior and his friend realize soon both would be transported to a land, a place that would have them aid a queen and force him to confront his nature head on.


Though she believed him, something in his eyes told her he needed to be watched, like she could tell a piece of Xavior wasn’t right, though the cat couldn’t point out what made her think that. Walking back, that same feeling pressed her, causing, โ€œDid he lie to me?โ€ to bleed into her mind and hit every corner, having debate reign over the issue. No, Fujiko knew Xavior might not be drinking a lot of blood, but she knew he wasn’t lying to her, letting a sigh pass her lips while the two walked. And yet, she couldn’t shake feeling that a coming battle would leave him open due to Xavior not letting his nature feed.


Right before getting in camp, a feeling came over Blackrose’s husband, drawing him to look at the sky, but didn’t see anything. Though he couldn’t explain it, something felt odd, having Xavior put his hand on the Kahimoto sword’s handle, ready to draw while the other hand went before the feline, stopping her. Looking around, noting the sounds of the forest ceased, thoughts of an unknown attacker came into play, a thought making the warrior growl, but at that moment, light hit the two, enveloping them until they disappeared.

An Anime Question

This question came to mind Thursday, but I wasn’t feeling well. Like many, once the bills are paid, money’s tight round here, that is more true for me, but will not go into it here. has relaunched their affiliate program and though I have not looked into it yet, I have a few questions for followers who may have affiliate links on their sites.


Do you have to be a part of the paid wordpress plan and own your blog to post affiliate links up, or can you just have the free plan?


Is setup easy, and are these programs worth the time?

Choices About The Computer Rebuild!

Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard


Between writing and watching a marathon of the first three Indiana Jones films, not the fourth, it kinda blows, more debate about the PC rebuild was tossed around. What’s in this rig now is a amd FX 6300 cpu that is good for some gaming, so I wanna keep it for now. This is where the headache happened.


Gaming PC 1


Watching two videos, both benchmarking the chip with new graphics card, (the amd 480) running newer games. One said, the 6300 will bottleneck and make games semi unplayable, the other video said though the cpu is a few years old, it works well with the 480 with a little drop. Let me say again, I’m not one that has to have the top PC to game. (Just using this as a example) Crysis 2 runs well on my rig on Extreme settings. Grant it, the games a few years old, but after I upgrade this beast, if it runs games decently, I’ll be happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

So Stupid I Just NEED To Share

To begin, mad Shadowlight won’t be used in this post as it is so idiotic that it defys logic, so yeah. Not long ago in a post, I explained that my nephew and his common law blonde girlfriend are deep into this Secret society and alien stuff. I’m not gonna sit here and tell those who believe in it to get a life, to a point, there is a breaking point that I reach when listening to it. That said, on to the post.


All my life, there has been several aspects of my Cerebral Palsy that I’ve learned to deal with, but drooling is one aspect that annoys me. Growing up, if I chewed gum, it slowed/stopped me from drooling and helped me speech. Throughout my teen years, I’d buy gum from time to time to keep on hand so the drool could be controlled, & it worked well. Sure, too much sugar and all that is bad for people, that I know, but read on.


Last weekend, I asked my nephew to get me a pack if he went to the corner store. He goes, “Don’t you watch the news? They stopped selling gum because it causes cancer!”


Half the things he says is crap due to that secret society nonsense he believes in, so I reply, “Just get the fucking gum!” He wanted me to google it, but let us be real here. Almost everything now could cause cancer. Yes, smoking does, drinking does etc. Hell, even looking at someone wrong, they’ll claim causes cancer! Not getting me the ONE thing that helps me, just because of wtf he hears is just STUPID! ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t believe everything the media tells me.