Reworking Computer Build

Gaming PC 1


This might make me sound like I don’t get out at all, but the computer is my link to the outside world, better or worse. While planning for the parts that will go into this beast, reviews are watched and read about one major piece of hardware that is the heart of any gaming machine, the graphics card. Originally, my plan was to buy an amd 480 and stick it in here, but there’s an issue.


I understand that things in a PC get warm without airflow, hence the three fans in here.That said, after reading and watching reviews, it is said the graphics card gets super hot and loud under load, and I would think a well aired case would relieve some of the heat, but perhaps not. Any advice? Don’t want the thing to fry my system after a few uses, you know? For now, an 390 is in mind, but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

2 thoughts on “Reworking Computer Build

  1. This is why I hate upgrading and starting a new system. It takes forever to get everything to work with everything else and then set it up the way you like it. That said, I’m not much for the build phase and tend to rely on others for that part so unfortunately can’t help you except to say that you should let your cat sleep on the air vent because that will definitely fry the system.

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