Two More Character From My Writings

As my keyboard’s being set on fire due to the writing bug that bit Saturday, I feel like showing two characters. One is from Priestess of Lust, Jasmine’s,  piece and the other is a half human half cat girl character.




Meet Saraphyn, the sometimes dark elf from Priestess of Lust and Jasmine’s co-star. She isn’t bad per say, nor is she good, she guards her master in the day time and serves as his voice when he sleeps. Pictured her gothic, in all black, but has some red and a goldish head dress she wears.




Had this idea for a story that will reveal how Kendra was born, but like all my erotic works, I won’t sell the story. I’m no genetics major, but I thought about what traits from both parents would be passed to her. As you see, Kendra got her mom’s hair color, ears, but the light brown skin/fur and tail is her father’s. Like I said, I’m no genetics wiz, but how did I do?


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