Upgraded Stampede: End Of Summer Impressions

pede 2016


With the R/C season closing, (because driving in freezing cold ain’t my deal) thought I’d give my impressions on the truck now that I’ve ran it for the season with the upgrades. Let me say right now that Baby’s a quick beast with pep! Many days were spent driving and just loving the truck, besides people asking if I was okay, which they can see I was fine, but wanna be in my business anyway.


Venom Sideview 1


The truck was put through HELL this year, kissing curbs at top speed, forced under my nephew’s truck etc. & wanted more! Truthfully, there were crashes where I thought it would be damaged for sure, but after looking it over, to my surprise, there wasn’t any! 🙂 My little Stampede proofed that it’s bad to the bone, which makes me grin.


All that really cost me down time were loose or lost screws but they were very minor annoyances! 🙂


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