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Writing week has been going well so far, been loving just taking days from the time I get up to dinner just burning the keyboard and letting the words flow. Almost finished a mini fan piece I started about two weeks ago? Another fan story is at a tipping point, (love scene) , which might be gotten to tonight, unsure. The one below is being worked on as I post this and it is Ashley’s, (the woman above) reboot.


Yes, it has no title yet, but titles don’t come to me right away.


Ashley and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead. Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

Laying awake at night, looking at the ceiling of her bedroom, many thoughts of a man who came into the lab she works as a clerk began moving into the eighteen or nineteen year old blonde’s mind, filling every corner of it. This wasn’t the first time Ashley seen him come in, she admitted that, but she knew the lab only works on blood, pregnancy and other tests for doctors, and by the the man’s appearance, he was fit, having, “What could be wrong with him?” to fly around the pig tailed blonde’s head like a bird, flying to every corner of her mind. True, as a clerk, she could look his file up on her work computer, if she really wanted too, but to her, it seemed wrong, giving the young lady chills.

The next day, Ashley got up, dressed in hot pants and the tight white shirt, though her full bust always gave her trouble, refusing to be imprisoned, making the young lady curse her sexy frame. After that battle, the woman found her short tan leather boots, put her fine hair up in the red ties and put her black glasses on. Knowing she had a few hours before she needed to go in, a fact having a sigh of what could be relief cross her lips due to her pervert boss always trying to get in her pants, something Ashley curved by kicking the married bastard in the nuts, but by the man’s look, she felt like he could rape her, making the young lady uneasy.

Grabbing her pink nunchaku and heading to the front room to workout, an activity she loved because it helped her focus on the day ahead, the pig tailed young lady started moving, twirling the weapon,attack as if enemies were in her path. As the session continued, thoughts on the subject from the other night began bleeding in, distracting her, almost making Ashley smack herself. Normally work related matters would be easy to cast out, or put aside until she finished practicing, a fact she told herself, but Ashley couldn’t do that for some reason, making, “What is it about him that has me thinking this way?” cross her lips silently.

To her, it felt like she could be attracted to the man, something she didn’t deny hadn’t crossed her mind, but given her past with men, men who just wanted her for her body and not for her IQ, the woman started to wall off the idea of dating. Still, when the man came in to get whatever done, her heart skipped a beat, a feeling no one made her feel, Ashley couldn’t deny that. As the blonde rode her bike into work, a voice, which might be reason could be heard in her ear, telling her that he maybe the one for her, trying to pump her up to talk to the guy.

While listening to the unheard pep talk,it wasn’t lost on her that she wouldn’t know what to say even if she talked to him, having Ashley fall deeper into that pit. More so, even if she found the words, “What if my intelligence turns him off?” popped into her head, trying to counter the talk, getting the young woman down. On the other hand, when he came in a few times and she had to give him forms to sign, she heard him try to strike up a conversation then, and the pig tailed woman couldn’t deny, no, better yet, didn’t want to deny wanting to talk to him, but the words never caught on, a situation dragging her deeper into the pit.

Getting in, sitting at her desk, something drew her eyes to her computer screen. Looking at it, she saw the man’s name on the day’s schedule, with the statement, “Blood workup to be done.” beside his name, poking at the young lady’s curiosity, letting it get the best of her. Ashley had a right to lookup patient records, it went with the job, and normally she wouldn’t hesitate doing so, but for whatever reason she felt uneasy looking at his file, puzzling her. Debating on why it made her so, a sigh fell from her mouth as she cleared the search bar as her free hand started to tap the desk nervously, attempting to figure out what made his file different.

Perhaps sitting there thinking about him and why she felt like it would be wrong to open the file, she didn’t realize the man in question came in and stood at the reception desk. Looking at the blonde who was staring at her computer, a smirk began forming on his face while gazing upon Ashley, making, “Will she always be silent when I come in?” cross the guy’s mind. Sure, there wasn’t a question that he found her attractive, who wouldn’t, but every time he tried talking to her, her body language told him Ashley found talking to men hard, other than for work, if that was the correct way he read her, having the man think of ways to break her shell. This wasn’t the time for that, he admitted, getting, “Excuse me, I’m here for my appointment.” out of the man’s mouth.

Maybe hearing his voice snapped her back to reality, causing the pig tailed blonde fixed her glasses while looking up as, “Okay, um here, sign in please.” dropped from her lips gently, handing over the clipboard. She couldn’t help wondering how long he watched her in her own world, a thought having her feel small, but when she heard him say there has got to be a better way of doing this, the woman couldn’t help but chuckle, agreeing with him. After, Ashley took the clipboard back, pointed to a free area to sit, but something, call it fate or her heart began poking her, trying to get the woman to talk to him.

She didn’t deny wanting to talk to him, just by the way he talked a moment ago, having her chuckle, the blonde’s shell cracked a little, but, “What if he…” could be heard in her mind, dragging Ashley down. “No, do it, talk to him!” could be heard by her left ear, having the young woman go over to him. She felt herself begin to sweat while, “What do I say?” tumbled out of her mouth in a mutter, making Ashley awkward. There was no doubt she wanted to go back to her computer, every part of her told her too, but maybe another part started taking control, boosting her confidence.

At first, when the guy saw her walking over, he figured he forgot to fill out a form, having him stand, but her face said different, having, “Is she really about to talk to me? Breakout the cake!” cross his mind in a flash, cracking a smile. He couldn’t count how many times he tried talking to her, only to be curved by the girl’s silence, but watching her approach gave the man new hope, making him debate topics to open with. Sure, her look and body language told him Ashley had to be fighting her fear of interaction, a fear he saw in her awhile back, something he wanted to help the pig tailed blonde with, but didn’t know how.

As she walked to him, nerves and chills ruled her, letting doubt into her mind, shaking her nerve. True, she didn’t deny the fact she felt attracted to the ma, her fluttering heart gave that away, talking to him was another matter, causing Ashley to shut down. But now, having the young man in front of her, the blonde had to say something, letting her kneel and try thinking of what. It didn’t need saying that going back to her station didn’t come to mind, it flooded in, making her adjust her glasses nervously, but maybe the part of her that knew she wanted him, started poking her, having, “May I sit here?” trickle from the woman lips softly, almost like a unheard mutter. Ashley knew there were better things she could’ve opened with, but none came to mind, leaving the young woman at a loss.

Looking up, just by her tone, he knew it took all her nerve to come over there, leading, “Sure.” to come falling out kindly while offering the seat next to him. As she sat, various things to talk about began swirling in his mind, but something about her screamed, “Treat her respectfully.” in his ear, an order the man wanted to do from the get go, having, “You know, I’ve seen how you work here, you should be promoted, your boss treats you like a slave girl.” There were better topics in his head he could open with, that the guy admitted, having him bite his tongue, but as he did, a smile formed on the young woman’s face while Ashley turned to him.

Though she didn’t how or why, but it felt like a dam started crumbling, letting her talk to him, setting her free. While they talked, she had a feeling that he looked familiar, like an old friend, but the blonde couldn’t place why she felt that way, having her look at him closer. Gazing at him, she swore he looked like someone she knew, somebody she looked after and played with growing up. Right then, a memory awoke, making, “Dave, is that you?!” burst from Ashley in shock, but muffled, noting if it was him, what could be wrong with her friend.

“Finally, she made the connection.” went running through the man’s head like a stream, having, “It’s me, my lady. Been wondering how long it’d take you to remember me.” fell from Dave’s lips happily while smiling. In the beginning, he knew the woman felt a bond with him, there was no doubt, but her shyness must’ve clouded her memory, having him want to poke fun at the blonde, what he needed to do stopped that action. “Are you free to get coffee after work, we should catch up.” left his mouth, handing over a number to his cellphone as he heard her boss, a man who he’d love to kick in the balls yell for her. Little did Dave tell the blonde, he was out to kill her boss due to what he did to his adopted sister, giving her a disease he was trying to cure, a cure that could be made from Dave’s own blood.

Before leaving to see what the idiot wanted, but she could guess, having a sigh leave her lips, Ashley took the number, tucking it in her hot pants pocket, nodding as to let her friend know she would be free after three. While going to see her pervert of a boss, she couldn’t believe her old friend was the one making her tongue tied before, but more than that, asked her on what might be considered a “date”, causing a smile to cross her face. Ashley admitted they hadn’t seen each other since he had to move, but for some reason she always pictured them dating, bringing more of the smile out.

As she got to the boss’s office door, she took a moment to ready herself for what he wanted, having, “Sir, I have paperwork to do, what do you need?” come bursting out sternly, though by his face, she knew he wanted to have her. Even though her gut told her the pervert wouldn’t be swayed, “You know, my boyfriend wouldn’t like it if he knew you were drooling over me.” escaped the blonde’s lips as she saw him approach her. Ashley wasn’t sure if Dave wanted to be in that kind of relationship or not, she admitted that, she also figured her boss didn’t give a shit, he’d be after her anyway, prompting her boot in his dick, having him keel over in a ball, but a nurse came to get her, saying that guy wants her to draw the blood.

Just being out of that situation gave the pig tailed blonde relief, having Ashley fix her glasses while a sigh passed her lips. There was little doubt that if her coworker didn’t come when she did, the pervert could’ve overpowered her and had his way, a thought making the young woman ill.Walking to the riin where Dave was, her train of thought shifted to him and to the task at hand of drawing blood, getting her wondering why he asked for her to do it. Oh, she took training to do it, that wasn’t a problem, but there were others to do it, having, “Why me?” came to mind.

Continuing to the patient room, a voice inside, perhaps the voice of confidence sat by her ear, telling the woman that he could want to spend time with her, a thought getting her to smile. She also admitted it might be reasonable to ask her friend why he was having it done, though pieces of the blonde still felt shaky asking that. Coming in, shutting the door, seeing Dave’s face, Ashley couldn’t deny the feelings inside, making, “Out of the women here to draw your blood and you only wanted me to do it?” fall from her mouth jokingly as the rubber gloves went on.

As the needle went in, her friend, maybe more looked at her, countering with, “It’s possible I have a thing for smart blondes with glasses! Besides wanted to talk to you more.” He didn’t want to hide the fact that he liked her, it was in the way he phrased his words, having him laugh even though needles didn’t sit well with him.

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