The Anime For Sale!

Took these pictures last night, but body and mind told me to sleep before posting, so… Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU is one spin off from the main story and has just 12 episodes spread on two Blu-ray discs. Don’t ask how, but when it was ordered, I thought it was the main series, but guess my brain farted. As stated, FUMOFFU was views once and enjoyed, however while funny, something is missing for me.




Bad picture aside, the sleeve holding the disc box is in great condition. I try keeping my things looking good. Sure, there is a little wear on the box, it’s from me getting the wrap off, but all & all, it isn’t bad.




Reverse side, showing the eps summary etc. I’m thinking I may sell this for ten-twelve dollars, due to me picking it up for twenty dollars? Let me know a good selling price please. Once I get on Facebook, this will be posted there as well.


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