Just Chat, And Heads Up

Had a better title in mind for this topic, but with 1AM minutes away, my mind is shutting off. After reading this, I invite all to chat, give opinions and give a like. First topic below!


As a couple of you may know, because I may have covered the reason, I value my right to privacy, online and when gaming. It was a hard pill that needed swallowing years ago when those abusive roommates that were living in my house hacked the computer I owned, destroying my yahoo account etc. but told me I hacked their stuff, which to this day, hacking is not a skill that’s known to me! It drove me to go use the library’s net so I could tell Adrian, my adopted brother from another mother what was up.


After getting the two removed from the home, the plan went to work of recreating my online and real life. When filling out something like profiles for example WordPress, I left the real name slots blank & ask that people only refer to me as my pennames, Shadowlight or darklight996. And when I played on ps3, I never gave my real name. Oh, people would ask, and when told “Just call me by my game tag” they didn’t ask again.


There were a few that kept asking, even after I told them why I never tell, ultimately I removed them because to me, if they have your name, the person could hack your accounts. Sunday, between writing the closing to that mini fan story and gaming on Steam, it hit me that I’m less stressed playing on PC for that reason, and though the thought crossed me to look for groups to join on steam, I may see if it’ll be alright if I could be referred to as my tag.




Either later today or Tuesday, the Anime that broke me into the scene, Project A-KO will be revisited and get a review posted. Yes, a review has been intended for this for the longest, but soon as it’s watched, laughter erases my thoughts and…:) Please note, my reviews might not be accurate, I invite people to debate things about a seies with me. 🙂


Lastly: This week sometime, my Facebook page will be going up, so for those followers I have here wish, you can follow me there as well if you’d like.:)

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