Writing Stuff And One Anime Question… (Fixed)

Having my muses speak to me is something that I’ve learned to work with, it is after all how I write. Perhaps Deadra and Jasmine, (images below) know I’m closing one of the fan pieces that I’ve been toying with for that video game girl & want a few more stories with them, not sure. 🙂 Whichever the case might be, both hit me with ideas for plots, plots that I’m considering!


(My ninja cat woman Deadra)

deadra redone picture 1


While her reboot is still going to written, I’m tossing around tinkering with the first story I stopped, but rather than have a human be her mate, have her succumb to the demons who caught her. Eh, you might say I need a girlfriend, but whatever. 🙂


Jasmine picture 2


Unsure what she’ll be in the new plot, but the idea is have her havea lover who’s a blacksmith, but Jasmine doesn’t like it that her boyfriend creates weapons to kill. The plot has rough points, I know, trying here.




While going on my PC today, sparks flew, getting juices going for the sixth chapter of my vampire novel. During the weekend/next weekend, I’ll get my mental notes together and start it! 🙂


Lastly, if one or two of the Otaku who follow me could assist? Last night, I looked up and tried to figure out how many Boxsets Bleach had, because I may get the first one when Trigun’s bought, then after the computer is redone, get the rest. I  found set 3 then 4 part 1 etc. confusing me. Can anyone tell me how many sets there are, so I don’t miss one please?

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