Personal Post

At first, posting this was not going to happen because personal issues have no business here. That, & I reallllly do not like airing my problems for all to see, but in this case, maybe typing this will help me get my mind straight.


See, in my lifetime, I’m able to get a new wheelchair every 5 years, because that’s the life of an electric chair. After 3, they start going downhill, needing repairs, and after the fifth year, well guess. As of this past march? the chair I have it five years and started dying. No major failures at first, but now, it is shorting out daily. My repair person,  who’s a family friend and the guy’s been with me since my first wheelchair knows how bad I need a new one, but thanks to his Insurance dropping him, he’s stuck for now.


I know I need a script from a doctor to have insurance cover for a new one, but the doctors that come out will not come to see me due to me owing them, which they take insurance, & I THOUGHT it covered it….. Here’s the reason I’m venting? For a few months, I’ve been trying to reapply for aid so I can get the insurance I need to get a new chair, but got denied twice, due to my nephew’s girlfriend either not heighlighting something or not signing the online form.


Yesterday, she got all pissy at my nephew, saying, “She’s taking her time out to do this shit etc. Cleaning up your uncle’s messes in the bathroom, & cooking food for him!”


I hardly make messes and if I do “I” CLEAN the best I can. “Who pays the bills to keep lights on, the net going?” I do. All she does is talk about how aliens put us here and how the illuminity is taking the fuck over. Sometimes I wanna break her legs, you know? Can’t even sleep right, because she does nothing when their kids scream like idiots at 7am-12pm. I’ve been having odd dreams too, and I think my homelife is the cause.


So, guess I’m gonna need to get the info together to fill this DHS crap out!


16 thoughts on “Personal Post

  1. Wow I am so extremely sorry to read that you are dealing with all of this. Don’t let people like your niece (in-law) get you down. You just keep shining bright! Hope you can get your new wheelchair soon.

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