Laying Out Story Plan

deadra redone picture 1


Yesterday, I revealed that Darkest Pleasures was being rewritten. A few followers seemed to enjoy reading the page I’ve posted as a preview, so today the idea was thrown around to lay the plan out for the story. Not sure how many people like that I write erotic works alongside my vampire novel, but it is what it is.


deadra redone picture 2


In the original, She was captured by demons she slayed and kept for them, but saved by her human boyfriend. There were a few big issues with it, but the biggest one was it was 19 pages and dragged on, which bordem maybe partly why I never completed it! That, & Deadra, though a cat woman, I did nothing to convey that fact. As people saw in the redo, cat traits were added to the character & now it has me thinking, “Shadowlight, you idiot! Why didn’t you do this in the first dang place?” 🙂


The rewrite plan is this. She’s already plagued by her nightmare, and though morning trained helped, it is still on her mind. I’m up to having her go for a walk in the woods and try to clear her head, but in the woods, Deadra will see an image of herself with a demon and question if it is real.  After, the story will go downhill for her from there and have vampires and other demonic forces wanting a piece of her. Not going the human lover route because, human characters seem boring.


There it is, the plan! Yes, not much plot in this one, but meh! I’d like to hear your thoughts! 🙂


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