Started New Project Today….



Call me nuts, which half the time I feel like it is true, but that’s for another post. Today, elf queen Destiny’s story was started and likely will be worked later tonight, after food! For this one, I DO plan one her falling in love with a human male who she meets at a anime convention.Yes, trying some “out of the box” thinking on this one, so there ya go! 🙂 Below is what was written so far, there maybe errors.



Lovers From Two worlds

Destiny and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

WARNING: This piece has M/F sexual situations, strong language, but also makes references to anime culture. Read at own risk!

Though queen of one of the tree kingdoms of Ervere, not to mention one of the most beautiful of the elven woman, having suitors come from far away to try to win her hand, Destiny sat on her thrown with a heavy heart. Oh, she wouldn’t show it of course, not with peace talks with humans and her own people on the brink of breaking down, but to her, the males trying to wed her seemed to not care that she was trying to avoid a war. Taking her quarter staff and unwrapping it to go out to the training yard below the palace, it was no secret the blonde found peace in practice, having Destiny ready herself.

Twirling the weapon, striking the wind as if imaginary opponents, her people’s well being and safety began trickling in, making, “How do I proceed without?” tumble from her mouth in a mumble. Her people always were her top priority, something Destiny didn’t take lightly, she wanted it that way because she didn’t want to rule like her father did. Jabbing nothingness and doing other techniques, the idea of a getaway sprang to mind easily, having parts of the elf ponder the thought, but with the talks going on, she knew it couldn’t be, bringing her down.

As she finished her practice and ascended to the palace, movement front out of the northwest caught her eye, calling her attention. By the look on her face, the prince that was coming down the path made her ill, having, “No doubt another uncaring rich boy!” exit her lips while going in to put her staff away. It went without saying Destiny had little patience for these wannabe “kings” of her kingdom to try winning her hand. In fact, she found it tiresome, letting her toy with the plan throwing him out herself, something making her grin evilly.


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