Choices About The Computer Rebuild!

Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard


Between writing and watching a marathon of the first three Indiana Jones films, not the fourth, it kinda blows, more debate about the PC rebuild was tossed around. What’s in this rig now is a amd FX 6300 cpu that is good for some gaming, so I wanna keep it for now. This is where the headache happened.


Gaming PC 1


Watching two videos, both benchmarking the chip with new graphics card, (the amd 480) running newer games. One said, the 6300 will bottleneck and make games semi unplayable, the other video said though the cpu is a few years old, it works well with the 480 with a little drop. Let me say again, I’m not one that has to have the top PC to game. (Just using this as a example) Crysis 2 runs well on my rig on Extreme settings. Grant it, the games a few years old, but after I upgrade this beast, if it runs games decently, I’ll be happy! šŸ™‚


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