So Stupid I Just NEED To Share

To begin, mad Shadowlight won’t be used in this post as it is so idiotic that it defys logic, so yeah. Not long ago in a post, I explained that my nephew and his common law blonde girlfriend are deep into this Secret society and alien stuff. I’m not gonna sit here and tell those who believe in it to get a life, to a point, there is a breaking point that I reach when listening to it. That said, on to the post.


All my life, there has been several aspects of my Cerebral Palsy that I’ve learned to deal with, but drooling is one aspect that annoys me. Growing up, if I chewed gum, it slowed/stopped me from drooling and helped me speech. Throughout my teen years, I’d buy gum from time to time to keep on hand so the drool could be controlled, & it worked well. Sure, too much sugar and all that is bad for people, that I know, but read on.


Last weekend, I asked my nephew to get me a pack if he went to the corner store. He goes, “Don’t you watch the news? They stopped selling gum because it causes cancer!”


Half the things he says is crap due to that secret society nonsense he believes in, so I reply, “Just get the fucking gum!” He wanted me to google it, but let us be real here. Almost everything now could cause cancer. Yes, smoking does, drinking does etc. Hell, even looking at someone wrong, they’ll claim causes cancer! Not getting me the ONE thing that helps me, just because of wtf he hears is just STUPID! 🙂 I don’t believe everything the media tells me.




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