Some Wonderful News!!!

As some know, I was going to anime conventions yearly from the 90s-2000, then my last one in mid 2000s, and I quit due to a caregiver messing my bills and money around. I wanna say in 04, the college’s anime club helped me go to Anime-Central, where a blast was had, but like I said, after that greedy woman got her hooks into me again, she started bleeding me dry.


Last year through this year, a hunt was on to locate the club with no luck, until Friday. Going on my Facebook, some names of a few of the anime club’s members kept showing up, so sent one a friend request, hoping he was the right person. Well, I was right and we talked a bit, caught up etc.turned out the club dissolved due to anime streaming sites, but found out cool details! On top of him being married to a cosplayer, most of the club members work with him at a local anime convention in state here! πŸ™‚


We chatted about that and I told him that I thought about going con hopping a few years back, but if I went without people I know there, I’d be lost? Need I say that after reading that most of the anime club works with him at Youmacon, it got easy to figure what con to go too in 2017 and beyond? Wait , there is more!


Last night, (Sunday) I explained to my nephew that I wanted to go to the convention next year, because people who were in the anime club went there, & he suggested I talk to the friend who works there to see if he couldn’t help getting me a discounted pass. I did and the guy will slide me a free badge! πŸ™‚ Yes, handouts aren’t my way, told him that, but going to a con in 2017, seeing people I haven’t seen in years? Must say, I’m EXCITED AS HELL!!!!!!!


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