Personal Blog II

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For this post, humor will be injected in or attempted to get put in, so yeah! 🙂 Before getting into the two topic, i would like to say something. If memory serves, the last personal blog I posted had a good response so I may do monthly personal posts as a way to let you guys/gals know how I’m doing. That said, on with the topics.

Growing up and getting wheelchairs every five years felt good, like getting a new car, (which isn’t far from the truth, the things can cost the same as a new car). Hell, I’ll address the subject this way. If I could’ve driven a car into my high school classroom and worked from it, my parents would’ve bought one! 🙂 I digress of course, but point is that the chairs had features, some good, some horrid!

Mid 80s, my first electric chair had breakdowns weekly, nothing I did, though the rep for the company tried pinning it on me, but my mother set him straight, asking him if they designed the chair for people who do not go outside and do whatever. He had no reply after that. On top of the breakdowns, the footrests would break if I applied force, which I needed to to use the Jon, but after a family friend remade them, the footrests never broke again.

Each chair I had has this same flaw in it. Oh the parts are steel bolts now, but like He-Man, if I get excited, stressed out, or if a noise freaks me out, I pop another bolt! To date, the steel bolt body count has gotten to 1000 and something, you think I’m kidding? 🙂 Nope, it is true! Yesterday, yet another gave up it’s life to my power leg, but this time no force was applied.

Though the nephew works in a GM shop where he can get new bolts, I’m considering getting with my chair repair person and talking to him about making a redone re enforced footrest out of something better than a steel bolt. Killing them was fun a few years ago, now it is annoying?

In other news, I’m tossing around a new original story series with one of the three ladies below, & even though some sex scenes will be in it, the story will not be smut driven. A new male character will be made for the idea, if the story is written. Will update soon on this, but out of the three, the women are:


Aki redone 1



Sakura redone picture 1




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